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Artists I have worked with

Some of my session appearances

  1. If You're Too Shy (Let Me Know) The 1975 4:00
  2. This Must Be My Dream The 1975 0:34
  3. Ugh! (Live at The O2) The 1975 0:33
  4. Pan Plini 2:45
  5. Flaneur Plini 3:34
  6. Other Things (Live in London) Plini 0:42
  7. Hypersonic Missiles Sam Fender 0:49
  8. Gratitude Benjamin Francis Leftwich 0:43
  9. Wasting Time (feat Dvwez & Native Youth) Kaixen 0:35

My Book – Jazz Improvisation Basic Training

Jazz Improvisation Basic Training provides a comprehensive breakdown of entry-level jazz harmony and a step-by-step guide to improvisation. Complete with musical examples, you will discover and explore the basis of the jazz vocabulary, beginning with concepts as simple as the major scale, culminating with methods championed by the greats to form your own improvised melodies.

This isn’t a “patterns for jazz” book, or an archive of “licks”. The aim here is for you to develop an understanding of how harmony is formed, strengthen your technique and, in turn, develop your own original ideas.

The subject matter in this book is applicable to all instrumentalists, though all musical examples are written in the treble clef.

The physical copies of the book are only available for delivery within the UK via this site. For overseas shipping, you can purchase physical copies via Amazon – Click here.

Lesson 1. The Major Scale
Lesson 2. Modes of the Major Scale
Lesson 3. II-V-I and the Cycle of 4ths
Lesson 4. Flat 9 on the Dominant and the Diminished Scale
Lesson 5. Chromatic Approach Notes
Lesson 6. The Blues – Part 1. The Pentatonic Scale and the Blues Scale
Lesson 7. The Blues – Part 2. The 12 Bar-Blues Progression
Lesson 8. The Blues – Part 3. Reharmonisation of a Blues, and Turnarounds.
Lesson 9. Triads
Lesson 10. Bebop Scales and Chromaticism

Jazz Improvisation Basic Training Tuition Videos

The Jazz Improvisation Basic Training video lesson series is a 10-part course within which I delve into the key aspects of my book, Jazz Improvisation Basic Training. The videos showcase performance based demonstrations, providing further context for the material laid out in the book. The videos are compatible with any smartphone, tablet or laptop.

You can purchase the video series exclusively, or bundled with either a printed copy of the book (UK only) or the E-book (worldwide).

Once purchased, you will gain access to a page permitting the option to either stream the videos online or to download the videos directly to your device.

The physical copies of the book are only available for delivery within the UK via this site. For overseas shipping, you can purchase physical copies via Amazon – Click here.


The 1975 – If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know) – Live performance

The 1975 – If I Believe You – Live with The BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

The 1975 – Medicine – Live at The O2

The 1975 – Heart Out – Pyramid Stage Glastonbury 2014

Plini – Live In London

Plini – The Making of Flaneur

Solo EPs

Signal Hill EP – John Waugh

Dive EP – George Solonos and John Waugh

Flight EP – John Waugh

1-1 Tuition

I teach 1-1 music lessons in person (London based) and via Facetime/Zoom/Skype to those overseas. I welcome all instrumentalists. I’m happy to discuss composition, harmony, jazz improvisation, technique and anything specific you happen to be working on. I do my utmost to cater the lessons to your individual sound and level of ability.

Along side my endorsement with D’Addario I present workshops and seminars in schools and universities. In these sessions I cover much of the same material as in my 1-1 lessons, but also shed light on the touring and studio session work I do. If you’d like to enquire about scheduling a lesson or workshop please do via the contact form below.

Get In Touch

For session work enquiries and tuition bookings please don’t hesitate so send me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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